The Sattvic Awakening Touch

Sattva is the guna of goodness, purity, and enlightenment.  It is mostly depicted as a white swan treading through the contaminated oceans of misery, pure and untouched.  The swan exists within the environment but is not effected by it.  It partakes only in the nectar at the heart of the Lotus.  Sattva is the goal towards purification and divinity.  This Pranic method works on the subtle level of Consciousness and requires a special touch to affect tranquility and love.


  1. Sedates nervous tension (Grounding)
  2. Opens cognitive cellular memory
  3. Facilitates a meditative state
  4. Aids in clearing the mind
  5. Promotes Creativity
  6. Helps decision making
  7. Sharpens awareness and intuition

The touch is gentle and effective.  It is a series of slow, rocking movements which sooth the client with pure nurturing.  Herbal medicated oils are then poured and massaged generously into the skin, focusing on the scalp, hair, face, neck, shoulders, and feet.  Gentle, continuous movement caresses the client into a sedated mode of comfort.