Shirodhara Head and Scalp Massage

ImageThis particular head and scalp massage is a holistic therapy that balances body, mind and spirit, and promotes health and well-being.


The stress of modern life, poor diet and lifestyle and pollution can all unbalance and block our energy. Ayurvedic head massage is an invaluable way to rebalance us, encourage healing and prevent diseases from occurring.

Image Shirodhara head and scalp massage offers a wide range of benefits for every system of the body - physiological, psychological and subtle/spiritual benefits.

  •  increases the circulation to the scalp, thus promoting hair growth
  •  relieves mental fatigue and improves clarity of thought and concentration
  •  works on our energy centres (chakras) allowing balance and harmony to be restored to body, mind and spirit.


Image A full treatment with selective oil will take 40 minutes and for maximum benefit, regular massage is required. The ideal interval between head massage is one week.